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Temple of Assumption of Virgin Mary and its city tower is a city dominant visible from far away. It was built by the end of the 14th century in gothic style.

Church of St. John the Baptist with minorites convent is one of the most significant monuments of gothic architecture in the Southern Bohemia. The nave of the temple contains unique series of apostles paintings in larger-than-life size from the mid 14th century.

Many interesting expositions can be found in the Muzeum of the Region of Jindřichův Hradec, among others it is Hall dedicated to Ema Destinnová, which presents famed czech songstress personal life as well as her artistical legacy. Krýza's Creche is the world's largest traditional mechanical creche and has its place in Guinness World Records book. Picture gallery presents pictures and paintings from renaissance to modern art.


The Castle belongs among our most popular and most extensive objects. It was built on the site of an earlier fortress. In its history the castle went through several rebuilds. There are 3 sightseeing lines available at this time:

Line A – Adam's building. A standard exposition shows castle chambers furnished in renaissance, baroque, rococo, empire and classicism style.

Line B – Gothic palace. A medieval castle offering original interiors, King's Hall with presentation of both historical and mythical czech rulers, castle chapel of St. Spirit and the black kitchen which is european unique.

Line C – A walk through centuries. A sightseeing line showing classicism chambers furnished with furniture and paintigs from Černín family haunting castle called Jemčina including pictures of members of pack of hunting dogs. It also shows 19th century original interiors, portraits of members of Černín family (last owners of the castle) and at the end the jewel of european mannerism - music pavillion Rondel.


An extraordinary attraction which can brighten up your time in Jindřichův Hradec is a ride on the historical narrow gauge railway. Interestingly the track gauge is only 760 mm. One line takes you from Jindřichův Hradec to Nová Bystřice (33 km, since 1897, 12 stops) into the region of so called Czech Canada. The other line goes north from Jindřichův Hradec to Obrataň (46 km, since 1906, 19 stops).


The tower is situated next to Děbolín village, approximately 6 km far from Jindřichův Hradec. It was erected on the hill 552 metres above sea level and with a total height of 33 metres it dominates the nearest suuroundings. Two staircases lead up on a look out platform on the top from where a lovely view spreads into all directions.


On a sunny days every visitor of Jindřichův Hradec can cool himself down in outdoor swimming pools at Aquapark where several water attractions and toboggan rides are available. You can also visit a city swimming bath at the shore of Vajgar pond where following activities are available:

  • water skiing and wakeboarding,
  • SUP Paddleboards Aquaglide-Amundson line rental,
  • boats and pedal boats rental – canoes and punts with paddles and life vests.

In the case of bad weather you can also visit indoor swimming pool.

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